The Thoughts and Concept of the White Dormitory

Walking along the sea from the IEURA port, there are good old houses. They are called IEURA HAMA area.The White Dormitory is there such a quiet area.

White Dormitory

Good Old Days for the Appearance, Modern Times for the Residence Space

First time I saw the old house for the White Dormitory, it was about 80 years old. The roof was damaged hardly but it was very comfortable the sunlight in the courtyard.
The old house revived after 20 years. The timber is reused from the old house. In the White Dormitory, there is a salon for chatting. And there are two private rooms.
The appearance hasn't changed. But you will be surprised when you pass through the gate. There are modern and beautiful spaces inside.

I wish you enjoy "Wind", "Light" and "Air" at the reborn White Dormitory.

The White Dormitory  is the private house, Enjoy your stay as you are at home.


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The Key for Enjoyment is Slowly


I recommend traveling this island by bike. It's the best choice to enjoy the sight of the Island Sea. Drop at the old shop, talk with people, enjoy your time in the island.

It is fun to be an explorer when you travel.

I found the barber shop at the corner of alley. It had a red and blue spinning sign pole.
The cream colored window frame is French style and so cute!An artistic stone wall caught my eyes.What a wonderful design! It is modern and great stone wall.

You will dance for joy of unexpected finding.
In Japanese, TESHIMA is written as Rich Island.
It is a mild Climate in TESHIMA . TESHIMA is rich in food.
For example, strawberries, mandarin oranges, lemons, vegetables and milk.
We can offer some options of dinner that using TESHIMA food.

C.H.C Circle House Corporation Co.
Mitsuko Fukutake